Tux Paint Stamps 0.9.31 + Crack Free Download 2024

Tux Paint Stamps 0.9.31 + Crack Free Download 2024

The Tux Paint Stamps 0.9.31 is a set of stamps that may be installed as a plug-in to Tux Paint. Tux Paint is a free, open-source, and user-friendly drawing program for children. Among the ready-made photographs in this collection are animals, clothing, food, hobbies, household, medical, nature, people, plants, seasons, symbols, and vehicles. You’ll need at least 50 megabytes of free space on your hard disc to install all of the stamps. This image library will be installed in the same directory as Tux Paint. Once added, a new ‘Stamps’ button will appear in your Tux Paint interface.


Tux Paint Stamps Crack are images with a mask applied to them. Each stamp comes with a mask that crops the image, allowing any style of the stamp to be used. Locate the stamps in Tux Paint and open them in a photo editing application like Photoshop or GIMP to inspect the four channels, particularly the Alpha channel, which serves as the mask. Channels are only visible in Photoshop 4 and later; however, they can be seen in Photoshop Elements.

Tux Paint Stamps Crack

Tux Paint Stamps Crack Download‘s biggest setting enlarges the image to 95 percent of the current screen’s height. However, be aware that when Tux Paint scales up a photo automatically, the image becomes jagged if the original is inadequately large. Rubber Stamps in Tux Paint can be made up of many files. The image itself is, of course, the only file required.

Tux Paint Stamps Download comes with a set of scaling buttons that allow the user to scale the stamp up (bigger) or down (smaller) (smaller). SVGs are vector-based files that will be resized to fit the canvas size in Tux Paint. If all of your new PNG stamps have solid rectangular-shaped outlines of a single color, this is because you did not employ alpha transparency (e.g., white or black). If your new SVG stamps appear to have a lot of whitespaces, make sure the SVG stamp is no larger than the shape(s) within. PNG or SVG pictures can be used to create stamps. Full-color or grayscale images are also acceptable. In PNGs, the alpha (transparency) channel is used to discern the true geometry of the image (otherwise, your drawings will be stamped with a huge rectangle).

Tux Paint Stamps For Windows

Tux Paint Stamps Download For Free Stamps are a fun set of stamps that enhance drawing applications. Animals, people, autos, flowers, food, and so forth. Tux Paint Stamps provides a plethora of novel and fascinating possibilities.

Tux Paint Stamps Download For Windows 7 plug-in contains hundreds of stickers. Animals, clothes, food, hobbies, household, medical, military, natural forces, people, plants, seasonal, space, sports, symbols, town, and vehicles are among the categories. Tux Paint Stamps allows you to freely add a large number of stamps to your Tux Paint Stamp library. The stamps browser allows children to use their imagination to make stories out of stickers. To assist kids in comprehending what the pictures are of, the penguin describes each object with a short statement.

Tux Paint Stamps Crack

Tux Paint Stamps Download For Windows 10 is a popular artistic and educational program that was created to assist children in learning new words. As a bonus, this software can be used as a teaching tool to assist children in learning new languages. Unfortunately, the base application was severely restricted in terms of the number of words and phrases that users could learn. Tux Paint Stamps provide your youngsters with access to a large glossary of new words in a variety of languages. After downloading and installing Tux Paint Stamps, click the Stamp button in Tux Paint and select which of the new categories you want to install. Once you’ve picked a category, the stamps will be put into that category automatically. This lightweight version is ideal for individuals who want to get even more out of Tux Paint.

This software can be a seemingly endless source of pleasure for your children, especially if they enjoy drawing. On the one hand, they can use the mouse to begin freehand drawings, add lines, and insert forms such as rectangles, squares, circles, ellipses, triangles, rhombuses, and pentagons. They can also utilize stamps to make their works more interesting.

Tux Paint Stamps Free Download

Tux Paint Stamps Free Download is intended to be used mostly by children, so it makes sense that the Settings window is not accessible to them. This is why Tux Paint includes a separate configuration tool, where you may change the size of the main window, enable full-screen mode, and turn off keyboard shortcuts or the Quit button. Furthermore, you can limit the objects available in the main window so that your youngster can only use selected elements. You can also deactivate form rotation (suitable for younger children), display only uppercase text, or load only simple stamp outlines. You may not only turn off the printing and save photo choices, but you can also control Tux Paint with a joystick.


  • A variety of useful drawing tools are provided.
  • The entire program can be displayed full-screen to obscure the computer’s underlying ‘desktop’ interface and fits on a screen as tiny as 640×480.
  • When tools are picked and utilized, amusing sound effects are played.
  • There are various brushes available.
  • There are hundreds of photographic and cartoon stamp pictures available.
  • Stamps can be allocated descriptive text and sound samples (names, facts, etc.) and sound effects.
  • The ‘Rubberband’ icon indicates where the line will be drawn when you move the mouse.
  • It is possible to adjust the font’s boldness, italics, and size.
  • View a portion of your image via a fisheye lens.
  • Undo acts can be undone by using the ‘Redo’ button.
  • One-button saving: There are no file browser dialogues or filename prompts.
  • Select a previous drawing’s thumbnail in a virtual ‘picturebook’ to open it.
  • Included are photographic images with foreground and background elements that you sketch in between.


  • Make your stamps for children.
  • Image formats PNG and SVG are supported.
  • Compatibility with advanced editing software
  • A wide range of new stamps is available.
  • Users have the option of selecting which categories are installed.
  • Rapid download


  • Some issues have mirrored stamps.
  • Some stamps are severely pixelated.
  • Limitations in rendering capabilities

What’s New?

  • Stamps can be enlarged, reversed, and mirrored.
  • Supported vector graphics (Scalable Vector Graphics (“SVG”)
  • Brushes from Paint Brush are used.
  • The ‘Rubberband’ icon indicates where the line will be drawn when you move the mouse.
  • Create a variety of filled and unfilled polygonal shapes.
  • Comes with a variety of fonts
  • It is possible to adjust the font’s boldness, italics, and size.
  • More fonts can be added by parents/teachers.
  • Several languages are supported.
  • Labels can be moved or altered at a later time.
  • Use a printer to print photos.

System Requirements:

  • 22MB of disc space is required.
  • Pentium II 200MHz CPU or later
  • Video Card: 640×480 resolution, 16bpp (thousands of colours) or higher; 1024×768 resolution or higher, 24bpp suggested
  • Memory (RAM) requirements: around 40MB of free space

Tux Paint Stamps Crack Key:





How To Download and Install?

  • Download the file by clicking on the given link.
  • Install it on your device.
  • Continue with the installation procedure.
  • To finish the installation process, click Finish.
  • The software is now ready for use.

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